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  • Bancor System

    Bancor System0

    Bancor system is a mathematical equation to determine the price of eBank Token . How does coin price increase? When balance increase coin price goes up. When total coin supply decrease coin price goes up. Advantages of Bancor? Insurance – Bancor act as a insurance for all users , Users not only sell their eBank

  • Touch the Future

    Touch the Future0

    5 Easy Steps to start Download the apps in . Free Registration. Referral Code: BPWORAFYV Store your crypto currency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum etc…. Trade your crypto currency to eBank Token. Deposit EBT to A.I crypto and gain daily profit! Referral Code: BPWORAFYV

  • eBank Token a Smart Wallet that Pays

    eBank Token a Smart Wallet that Pays4

    eBank Token is a multifunctional wallet that rewards you daily profit through A.I Crypto investment. eBank A.I Crypto is a powerful auto-trading program designed by eBank Technology developer team. This dynamic program locates, track prices of every exchanges and makes profit from the price difference. eBank Token is incorporated in SINGAPORE Mission is to create

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